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The Classroom Leader is a section in our local newspaper, The Northern Daily Leader. Schools, preschools and day care centres can submit photos and stories and they publish a selection each week – both in the paper and online.

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Fire & Rescue NSW Visit

Recently we had a truck and two firefighters from Fire & Rescue NSW Station 452 come and visit the Centre. The firefighters spoke to the children in the Preschool and School Readiness Rooms about fire safety and good and bad fires. They practiced crawling towards the door if they see smoke in their house and how to stop, drop and roll if their clothes catch fire. The firefighters showed the children what they looked like with all the gear on so that the children wouldn’t be scared or hide if they ever needed to be rescued or saved by a firefighter.
All rooms had a chance to visit the fire truck which was a great experience.
Thank you to the firefighters from station 452 for coming to visit us and teach us.