Preschool 1 (3-5 Years)

In the Preschool Room, we run a programme which includes: learning about colours, numbers, shapes and name recognition, helping to prepare the children for the School Readiness Room.

We help increase the children’s attention span in areas such as reading stories, sitting and listening to peers and Educators, and more challenging activities requiring longer concentration.

We encourage the children to share the equipment and toys through turn taking. We help the children learn to regulate their emotions, using picture cards/visuals, talking about feelings and being able to express themselves. We encourage maths, science, motor skills, the different senses and cognitive skills through cooking with the children.

We follow the Early Learning Years Framework guidelines through helping the children feel safe, secure and supported, having a strong sense of well-being, and encouraging the children to become effective communicators.

Preschool Caring Team

Room Leader
Miss Teegan
Regular Room Assistant
Miss Tabetha
Regular Room Assistant
Miss Georgie

To find out about the educators in this room, see the Our Team page.