Fees and Rebates

Room Fees

Each of the rooms has a different daily rate, and these will be reduced by the amount of Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for which you are eligible – this is determined by the rate of subsidy (given as a percentage) and the number of hours of care that the government will subsidise for you. can visit the Australian Government Department of Human Services Child Care Subsidy website to check your eligibility and find out more about CCS.
Everyone’s final fee amount will be different, so please come in and chat with us about our fees and how to apply for the CCS. This usually requires you to visit or call Centrelink, and you will also require a MyGov account, with your Centrelink account linked to your MyGov account.
It is important that before you start at the centre that you check that your child is registered for care through Centrelink otherwise you will not be able to claim the CCS and will be on full fee.

Payment of Fees

Our policy regarding payment of fees is that once your weekly/fortnightly rate is determined, the first two weeks’ fees must be paid – this may be prior to a family commencing at the centre, or it may be in their first week.
By the end of the first week, the two weeks’ fees must be paid and the after that, the account must remain one week ahead.


If a child is absent for any reason on one of their scheduled days, fees still apply for the day. As mandated by the government, children are only allowed 42 days absent per financial year (this includes public holidays). Please speak to our centre Director, or admin staff, regarding absences if your child requires longer absences. It is also wise to obtain medical certificates for any medical absences during the financial year as you go.

Fees also apply on public holidays, but not over the Christmas break. Please see our Calendar for public holiday closures and the dates of the Christmas break.

Late Fees

If a child is not picked up on time at the end of the scheduled day (6.00 p.m.) a late pick-up fee may be charged.

Financial Hardship

If, as an enrolled family, you are experiencing financial hardship, you will need to speak to Centrelink. We are no longer able to apply for special consideration for you.