Our Board

Our management Board consists of seven members, all of whom are members of the Tamworth Baptist Church.

They are appointed by the church and work on a voluntary basis, with responsibility for the overall management and direction of the Centre.


Vice Chairman

Roz Zimmerman


Roz is a retired Registered Nurse spending her time between elderly family and grandchildren with the occasional caravan trip thrown in.

Evrol Keeys


After a 50‐year Insurance Career, with 30+ years of conducting his own Commercial Insurance Brokerage and Lloyd’s Underwriting Agency, Evrol and his wife relocated to Tamworth on retirement. Over this time, he gained considerable business experience. He is now able to pursue an involvement with local charities such as Calala Rotary and News on Wheels. He and his wife are both members of Tamworth Baptist Church where he has held several positions within the church over the last eight years that they have lived here.

Michael Hutton

Michael has been a high school teacher and a peach picker and is currently serving as one of the pastors of Tamworth Baptist Church. Michael hopes the centre will not just be about child care but that it will be about helping families through the wisdom of God.

Board Statement

Janelle Street Centre is a ministry of the Tamworth Baptist church and as such, the Board acknowledges that Jesus Christ is present in every area of the Centre’s activities – He is integral to everything we do.

Our desire is that all children will be accepted into the Centre in an environment that is loving, caring, secure, fun and happy, and that meaningful relationships will be developed between children, families, staff, management and the community. We will continue to support the staff in the development of values of love, happiness, sharing, and gentleness as children are entrusted to our care.

Our overall focus will be on ensuring that the children, parents and carers are introduced to a loving and caring God and will provide links between the families and the Christian church so that the Christian gospel is heard and understood.

Michael Hutton, Acting Chairperson