Our Philosophy

We want our centre to be a place where:

  • Children and parents are introduced to a loving, caring God
  • Families are supported in their role as carers and educators of children
  • The environment is caring, secure, fun, and happy for everyone
  • Every child is recognised as an individual
  • All children are accepted and the diversity they bring to the centre is embraced
  • The quality provided will meet the needs of the community it serves
  • Every child is treated as an individual in their own right
  • Families feel valued
  • Children and parents are encouraged to respect others’ points of view
  • The program provided will challenge, stimulate, and educate children regardless of their ethnicity or cultural background
  • A positive self-concept is developed in children
  • Children learn to co-operate with their peers and share responsibilities
  • Opportunities are provided for creativity and inner self expression
  • Children learn to develop positive eating habits and personal hygiene

We understand each child is created and loved by God and should be valued highly.

We believe that our success will be dependent on the relationships and levels of co-operation between all members of the team – children, parents, staff, management and community.

We value the trust placed in the staff of the centre and see our role as a complementary and equipping partnership with families for the ultimate well-being of their children.

We value our role as promoters of early literacy and numeracy and seek to immerse children in early experience of these and strengthen the role of parents in this task.

We will actively promote the development of values such as love, happiness, forgiveness, respect, trust, tolerance, kindness, sharing, giving, friendship, manners, self-control, patience, gentleness, obedience, confidence, and good sportsmanship.

We will provide links between the parents and the Christian church to provide them with opportunities to hear and understand the Christian gospel.