Preschool 2 (3-5 Years)

Our day consists of both indoor and outdoor experiences. Outdoors we spend time exploring our outdoor environment which consists of our garden, climbing equipment and engaging veranda experiences. Indoors we have a variety of School Readiness experiences to assist your child to ready themselves for school.

The children actively participate in group times, hearing stories, engaging in conversations and further developing their social skills. We work with the children to assist them with name recognition pre-writing skills.

We have a range of experiences that are available to children focusing on play-based learning that extends on their interests. We support your child their journey of preparing for Kindergarten. We do this by providing meaningful experiences for your child to engage in and further develop their skills.

We have an Early Childhood Teacher who, along with other qualified Educators, is responsible for assisting the children to gain independence and develop their self-help skills in readiness for school.

School Readiness Team

Room Leader
Miss Katey
Regular Room Assistant
Miss Joy
Regular Room Assistant
Miss Courtney

To find out about the educators in this room, see the Our Team page.